Hello Irma!!!

As some of you know, I am located in St. Petersburg, Florida. I grew up with my father who was always throwing me in the car during any major storm to go chase it down and watch the waves in the gulf swell! So for me, I am half excited and half nervous!! I will be hunkering down with my pup and my Kyten (his name is actually kyten lol) and waiting out the storm. I do have a safety plan set up just incase shit gets really real but for the moment I am gonna ride it out and watch the beauty of nature take place. I know this sounds moronic for the time being but Mother Nature has a way of switching things up as we have all seen too many times before. I am definitely excited to see what happens and the ghost town that will be considering everyone and their mother has basically went north around here. If my house falls apart, My house falls apart. I have certain things I will be collecting together and taking them to a safe place. but other than that.. They are just things.. I have no real attachment to any of it and as much as love my city and would never want to bail on it... If this happens to ruin my living situation, which it may... I will just take that as mother natures guidance in saying, ok Dani, time to move the fuck to Tennessee!! lol That is my optimism on good ole' Irma thats swooping in on Florida!

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