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Endless summer collection

Coming June 11th at 12pm est, I am so beyond excited about this collection!! It will be my biggest yet!! Rings, cuffs, chokers and so much more... Over 80 pieces total. I will have a bunch of ready to ship pieces as well as some made to order items! Mark your calendars... Its going to be epic!!

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The Coven launch date

I am getting so excited for the launch of " The Coven". It's coming along great and each piece will feature a beautiful amethyst or onyx stone.. or both, or many of each or one hahaha. The pieces will all be oxidized to create a dark look. I wanted to make this collection for a few reasons. One being its October and what better time to launch it considering it is called the coven and two, when I first started making jewelry I couldn't really find my nitch or voice on what I wanted to do or who I was in this field. I was all over the place really. My pieces eventually became darker themed and filled with onyx....

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Hello Irma!!!

As some of you know, I am located in St. Petersburg, Florida. I grew up with my father who was always throwing me in the car during any major storm to go chase it down and watch the waves in the gulf swell! So for me, I am half excited and half nervous!! I will be hunkering down with my pup and my Kyten (his name is actually kyten lol) and waiting out the storm. I do have a safety plan set up just incase shit gets really real but for the moment I am gonna ride it out and watch the beauty of nature take place. I know this sounds moronic for the time being but Mother Nature has...

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