Policies and FAQ

Frequently asked questions
I had a piece in my cart and now it says sold out.
I unfortunately have no control over this. My website does not reserve pieces if you have it in your cart. If it sold before you check out, it means that someone snagged it before you. 
Can I purchase this piece before you launch your collection?
I do not reserve pieces. I do it this way to be as fair as possible to everyone.
I love this ring but it's not my size.
I can only upsize at this time. If you see a ring you love but its not your size, I can bump it up by 1 size. I can not size down unfortunately.
How do I order a custom piece?
I will announce when I open customs on my instagram @aesthetic.arrest I try to open them every other month and they are on a first come first serve basis.
Do you offer payment plans?
I do offer payment plans. Please reach out to me for info.

Shop Policies


Nameplates are considered a custom order. There are no refunds on them. Please double check your font, spelling of name and chain length before checking out. I do not give previews of them before I start. So once the nameplate is in production or completed, I can not change anything.

Please allow up to 4 weeks for production.


Shipping times

For ready to ship non collection items
Please allow up to 4 business days for processing and packaging. I tend to ship out on Mondays and Tuesdays.
    Collection Shipping
    Collection release pieces can take up to 1 week for shipping times due to mass packaging and shipping. I try my best to get everything out in a timely manor but am only one person. It can take some time to package and personalize everyones orders and get them shipped out. Please be patient with me =)
    Please note, once a package leaves my possession and is at the post office, I have zero control over it! Sometimes the post office doesn’t scan packages in properly which makes the tracking number basically useless! Unfortunately, I can do nothing about this! Or sometimes packages can be late etc. I’ve had packages up to two weeks late due to mishaps with the post. I will do my best to help with this but I can not offer a refund on packages lost in the mail or things out of my control. Please reach out to usps or whichever carrier you chose to ask questions about your shipping. 

     Returns and Exchanges

    Please make sure you know your ring size, bracelet size and please read description of the piece.I can not express this enough! I clearly state all piece details and dimensions in the description as well is provide clear photos of what the piece looks like to avoid any confusion or need to return.
    I understand that during a collection release things can get a bit crazy and pieces go fast. but please think carefully and read the description fully before purchasing my jewelry. As much as I’d like to accommodate everyone, I unfortunately CAN NOT give refunds at this time due to WRONG SIZES, MISREADING OF DISCRIPTION OR BUYERS REMORSE! please respect this! If you misguaged your size, There is unfortunately nothing I can do about this. Please get your sizes before purchasing! Please do not take advantage of peoples good nature and ask for a refund on any of the issues above.
    Exchanges are on a case by case basis and do not include custom pieces or misreading of description.


    I create my jewelry to last life times but I do understand that sometimes rings can snag on things, necklaces can break... If for some reason your piece has been damaged in anyway or a stone has been lost, I will do my best to repair it for you. but please note, sometimes pieces can not be repaired or if the stone was an odd shape, I may not be able to find a stone to fit. if its unable to be repaired, I can try my best to remake it for you. buyer will be responsible for original cost of the piece to be remade.
    Note: Please do not try to adjust your rings, cuffs, earrings or necklaces in anyway. This can cause wear over time and make your pieces more susceptible to damage or breaking!

    Gift Cards

    Gift cards are available in $25, $50 and $100 increments. Larger gift cards are available upon request. ALL GIFT CARD SALES ARE FINAL! If you received a gift card, they are good towards future collections and shop updates. The entirety of the card must be used towards a piece. There is no money back from gift cards and no refunds on pieces that a gift card was used towards. Again, all sales of gifts cards and gift card use are final.

    Custom Orders


    If you are ordering a custom piece, it can take up to 3 weeks or longer due to finding your perfect stone and delivery or production of the piece or pieces. I’m constantly making customs, if I feel like your wait will be too long, I will let you know and we can go from there on whether or not you’d like to continue with the custom. If not, I could refer you to some pretty rad smith’s the could accommodate you. 
    I’m always willing to work with you on customs to make your perfect piece. As stated before, the production time could take up to four weeks or longer. I will speak with you personally on every aspect of your piece from details to stone colors. A deposit of $80 will be required before production of pieces. This will ensure your spot and will also go towards stones and materials for your piece or pieces. This $80 is non refundable!
    Please note: making a past piece to exactness is almost impossible as stones come in all different shapes and colors. Finding an exact replica of a stone is super hard! Which is what makes them so unique! Please understand this when I am searching for your stones as I will search a s hard as I can but I can't search forever! Shape, size and color will never be exact!

    Cancelations of customs
    You can cancel at any time, but the $80 is non refundable. if the deposit has been made, I have most likely already started looking or ordering the pieces specifically for you. I would unfortunately be out of pocket for time and money!
    If you get back to me asap about your custom but then don't respond to me for a few weeks, I reserve the right to move your custom back to a date when I have time. This also goes for searching for custom stones. If it takes a month to find your perfect stone and for the stone delivery, I will have to move back your custom to a later date. Again, I am always willing to find your perfect stone but understand that not all stones are exact!
    If you do not get back to me within 2 weeks of purchasing a custom spot, I reserve the right to move the custom back to a date when I have time to do it. (see bold below.)
    If you do not get back to me within 3 weeks of purchasing a custom spot, I reserve the right to cancel it completely.  I do everything on a schedule with allotted time spaces, If you take longer than a month to get back to me, It pushes my schedule back. 
    If your spot is canceled due to communication, you can not use the $80 non refundable deposit for future customs or ready to ship pieces. You will have to purchase another custom spot.
    Final payment of balance will be due upon completion of your custom. Please pay this within 24 hours of being notified. If not paid within 72 hours or If you haven’t contacted me to pay balance, I will have to list them for sale to the public. 

    Jewelry Care

    Please try not to wear your pieces while bathing, using lotion, going in the ocean, while using harsh chemicals, or doing activities that can harm the silver or stones. Your pieces can last a lifetime with simple care!
    I use .925 sterling silver for all of my pieces. It is prone to tarnishing. Tarnishing is caused by a number of different chemicals but the most common one's are in the air around us. Sulfur and moisture. Try to keep your pieces in an air tight place when you're not wearing them to reduce tarnishing. If you leave your pieces in a jewelry box, they will tarnish, it is completely normal. They can turn yellow, purple and black. To clean your pieces use soap and water or a polishing cloth. Polishing clothes can be found at your local jewelers and on Amazon. but if you would like me to clean or polish your piece, I can do so. buyer is responsible for return shipping. 
    I of course want all of my customers to be happy and I try to work with everyone on all subjects above. I get it, life happens and sometimes shit happens. So if something comes up, Please contact me as soon as possible so we can work on a solution! but please understand that I have these shop policies in place for good reason. I am a one woman show working on this small business out of my home. I am not a big mass production company.
    Thank you all for reading. All my love to you!!