The Coven launch date

I am getting so excited for the launch of " The Coven". It's coming along great and each piece will feature a beautiful amethyst or onyx stone.. or both, or many of each or one hahaha. The pieces will all be oxidized to create a dark look. I wanted to make this collection for a few reasons. One being its October and what better time to launch it considering it is called the coven and two, when I first started making jewelry I couldn't really find my nitch or voice on what I wanted to do or who I was in this field. I was all over the place really. My pieces eventually became darker themed and filled with onyx. I loved them and I feel it's where my soul started to come out in my work. So this is also an ode to my beginnings as a smith as well as my love for halloween and all things witches. As of now I am not posting any pieces because I want them all to be a big surprise. I posted one photo also on my insatgram for a sneak peek and that photo is also attached here. The collection will be launched on October 13th with 13 pieces. A coven consist of 13 witches, so I wanted to create 13 jewels to adorn my 13 witchy customers who purchase these pieces. I will keep one and we will forever be intwined in our own little coven. 

Stay tuned for launch!! I am counting down the days.... and thats 9 days to be exact!! hahaha 

Moons, mountains and magic!! =)


For more sneak peeks check out my instagam..



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